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New Website

So it's not like I have a LOT of followers or people who read regularly, but I thought I'd put up this little notice.

I've obviously moved my blog to my primary domain,

That means that the blog will likely show up here rather than where it was at blog spot. We'll see if this works out for better or for worse. I figure I'm paying for the hosting, I should probably use it.

Blogger does a lot of great things, including allowing me a dashboard to see other blogs I follow, and making managing the blog really simple. I'm hoping that Wix (my new host) expands their services to include blogspot integration, as so many other hosts have done with Wordpress. For now, though I'll likely be blogging here, and putting up notices there. It seems to be the easiest. We shall see.

Thanks for reading and responding up til now, it's been kind of fun.


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