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Really? No, Seriously, Really?

So, I have Direct TV. I generally love it, except on stormy days. I love the NFL Sunday Ticket. I'm coming around on the Audience channel, since their programming is improving, and has become less live music and more what seem to be appealing shows.

Anyway, the problem with the Audience channel is that one has to put up with the DTV advertising. And the worst of these ads is the one for the movers program.

Here's the set up: a guy is packing things from his garage into a moving truck. While he's doing this, his neighbor comes over and starts discussing how he (the neighbor) owes the guy moving $500.

The moving guy (MG) indicates that the borrowing neighbor (BN) also owes him a lawn mower.

BN then goes on to explain how if MG calls DTV to get the movers deal, MG qualifies for whole home DVR and the set up in the new place is free. Which ends up being a savings of over $500.

So the BN does a little happy dance, as if he no longer owes the MG either the cash or the lawn mower.

This is a stupid stupid ad. Most people who have DTV are going to call to let DTV know they are moving, mostly to change their billing address, if nothing else. And the whole home DVR is one of those fake deals they give EVERYONE with DTV.

If a dude came to my house and owed me that much money, then told me about a program about which I was already aware in an attempt to get out of that debt, I'd punch him.

Okay, let's be honest, he seems like a guy to whom I wouldn't loan money in the first place. "Saving" me $500 is not the same as paying me $500.

Okay, this post is useless but I had to say it.


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