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Treadmill Desks, 17 days

We've had the treadmill desks now for 17 days. Although probably only earnestly walked them for 16, but I'll take the extra one.

Here is a shot of part of my spreadsheet so far:

Picasa - treadmill day 17.png

Obviously I didn't think to keep track of the time for the first few days. Then I saw that as an error.

The quick and dirty:

In the past 17 days, I've walked for

35 hours

130k steps

39 miles

During that time I've also

-written a few blog posts

-played the Wildstar beta

-done competitive World of Warcraft arena teams

-checked my email

-booked at least one meal for our Disney trip

-watched at least 2 movies

-Tweeted, used the Book of Faces, browsed Pinterest

In other words, I've used my computer. While walking.

By the official Thursday morning naked before the shower weigh in this week, I've lost 8 pounds.

By the pants I'm wearing right now (that I pulled out of the Goodwill pile because I couldn't get them all the way up over my hips a few months ago), I've lost a few inches.

By the energy level I have in the morning, I've slept better in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 10 years.

By all accounts, I'm doing a damn good thing, and my delightful and brilliant husband is entirely to blame.


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