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Another Treadmill Desk Update

So, we're still plugging away at the desks. What choice do we have? A new game launched this week and we enjoy playing it. So we walk our way through the Nexus in Wildstar, and we're still feeling pretty great about it.

Noah, of course, has lost 10 pounds. I'm hovering at 5. Typical. Admittedly, we haven't significantly changed our diet (although I find us choosing healthier snacks as a whole), and he walks faster than I do.

Anyway, the exciting part here is that I finally got the bluetooth connectivity with my PC worked out. There is a club that you can join through Lifespan, the company we bought the treadmill from, and it will help you set goals, track your workouts, etc.

There is an app available for either iOS or Windows, no android availability--boo.

You get your membership number with the treadmill, get it all put in and registered, and you can track your work out.

That saves me from having to do the spreadsheet updates. The spreadsheet was working well, but if the power went out or the key from the treadmill got knocked out, the data was lost. It would make me sad.

Now, it's just tracked as I go. And once the workout stops, that is, the control panel is reset, then it syncs up with the website. I love it.

Picasa - healthclub.png

It tracks your 7 day totals while you're doing it. I can minimize it all down so it's just the gray column on the right.

Problems with it: can't move it. It is set slap in the middle of the primary screen off to the right. No putting it up in a corner or on the other side. I dislike this immensely. But I can live with it.

The website dashboard is nice and I still don't have it all quite set up.

You can set short, medium and long term goals, put in your health data like sugar, A1c, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. It will show a graphical demonstration of your progress and work outs. You can upload your workout data via USB, Bluetooth or other connectivity. You can even go back and put in the data manually. Well, that's only if you obsessively keep a spreadsheet of your daily activity.

Anyway, I feel like this more automated tracking just constantly is cheering me on. I can see if I've met my daily goals (time, steps, miles, etc--mine happens to be 10k steps a day), I can see how close I am to my 3, 6 or 12 month goals. I can join a team if I want in order to get the online support I need.

Of course, the support I've been seeing from my friends is about as great a team as I could ask for.

So I'll keep on walking.


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