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Changing The Food Changes Other Stuff, Y'all

So, everyone seems to be freaking out about how the new Burger King Halloween Whopper, with the black bun is turning their poop green. I don't really feel the need to link any articles here, you can just google it.

Anyway, seeing all of the articles about neon green poo has reminded me of a patient interaction I had a few years back.

I was seeing a kid, who was about 8 or so, for his well child check/school physical for sports. We went through the usual routine: history, examination, checking on immunizations and whatnot. As we were winding up the exam, I asked if he had any questions. He then seemed to get kind of uncomfortable and his mom nudged him, saying, "go on and ask her."

He sheepishly and quietly asked me, "Is it okay if your poop is green?"

I blinked for a minute and said, "is this a new thing?" He nodded.

Looking at his clothing, he was wearing jeans and an Incredible Hulk t-shirt (widely available, since the movie had just come out).

I asked him, "How much Incredible Hulk chocolate milk have you been drinking lately?" (Hershey's had introduced Hulk chocolate syrup that was green earlier that summer.)

His eyes widened, "I drink some every day!"

"That's why your poop is green. It'll be fine when you stop drinking that syrup."

As we were winding up, his mom took me aside and said, "Oh, my gosh, that was amazing! How did you know?" "He was wearing a Hulk shirt. <pause> And I have some of that syrup at my house, too."


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